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It all started when...

We bring Hockey, Comedy, Friendship, Stupidity, and Entertainment to another level.   Join the guys as they travel to NHL, AHL, ECHL, NCAA, OHL, and Beer League games around the country and... hopefully make it back to the studio without being detained in a drunk tank at your local arena.  Call us and leave us a message to make it on the air at 42-Hockey-41.  That's 424-625-3941.  Or email the guys at questions@thehockeyshowpodcast.com

Meet the guys:

Nick - Your host on the coast, The button pusher, the fader slider, El Capitano.  He could maybe beat your grandma blocker side in beer league, if he's having his best day, and it was way past her bedtime.   He collects random hockey memorabilia impulsively and has never EVER been hung over.... even though we don't believe him.     
Favorite Team: Team USA, Boston Bruins, Dallas Stars

Tim "The Whalers Fan" - He grew up in a town that was near where Jonathan Quick played prep school hockey in Connecticut.  Sour that his team left him for the massive NHL market of North Carolina,  Tim makes up for this with his hatred of all things Chicago... which no one can explain.
Favorite Teams: Har-Raleigh-Ford Whal-i-canes, Califorina Golden Seals, Kansas City Scouts, Who ever beats the Blackhawks.

Ed "really wants a nickname"- Ed's all about getting swole and drinking cocktails that your grandpa loved.  He believes Tom Brady could break Wayne Gretzky's season goal record the first time he put on skates, and he can sing like Sinatra after 3 glasses of scotch.
Favorite Teams: Boston Bruins, Boston Bruins, Boston Bruins, The Tom Brady Bunch Men's League Team

Mike - Former Junior hockey player, current Beer League Ringer.  Can pound more Chick-Ultras than your sister.  Has been swiped right on by Pro women's Hockey players.  Will usually disagree with you... just for fun.

Favorite Teams: Detroit Redwings, Albany River Rats, Who ever beats the Bruins.